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Bilingual Edition (English/Russian)

Superseal is a bilingual book (Russian/English). The book tells the adventure of a little seal named Peter who goes on a journey of self-discovery, meeting people and learning about different kinds of boats and ships on the way. Will Peter become a Superseal or come to terms with being a common seal? Or is there a way to be both at the same time? This witty, wise and warm tale, written and illustrated in the best traditions of picture books, unfolds on 14 colorful page spreads with two parallel texts in English and Russian. This format is perfect for a bilingual story time in your local library or schools, for English language learners, as well as for those who are interested in learning Russian.

For all ages: the message of being yourself!

"My daughter loved this book... even though she is only 5 months old, she loves the illustrations. This book is great for all ages, and I really appreciate the story and message of being yourself. Love that the book is in Russian and in English. Being from Washington state, I really enjoyed the part in the back of the book that explained the author's inspiration for the story, I look forward to reading more of the author's books in the future." -Mother of a little girl


Perfect book for those who love the sea and wildlife!

"Superseal is a bilingual (Russian and English) story of a young seal named Peter, a seal that is anything besides ordinary. The writing style is simple, elegant and easy to understand. The plot follows the young seal as he learns more about his environment. Just like Anya (character in another Lianina's children book), Peter sets on an adventure! 

When our young seal learns from his father that his species is called ordinary seal, he is somewhat disappointed. The young seal goes to research his environment, he swims and encountered a boat full of young boys. He informs them that he is a superseal. For some reason, Peter decides to introduce himself like that. From that point, the seal's learning adventure continues. Peter, our talking (and quite eloquent) young seal encounters different boats and ships, and talks with people and mariners on them. Peter will learn a lot before the end of the day.

The illustrations to be found in Superseal are so unique...simply amazing. Just like with all the other books I have from this author, the art aspect of Superseal is so vibrant and full of life. The book itself is of excellent quality. It is medium size, so it is easy to carry around. As is the case with Anya and Her Wings, this book holds many lessons for kids. In addition, Superseal will teach a child quite a few things about the sea and boats. The illustrations are as beautiful as always, and there is even a vocabulary list of navy terms. 

The English and the Russian texts are side by side, and that makes them very easy to compare. Therefore, Superseal book can be used as a tool for language learning. It's simply perfect for adults and kids who love the sea and wildlife. If you're looking for a book inspired by the sea (or by marine life) , look no further. This is a wonderful book for children. 

I met Natalia though blogging, she's a lovely author and blogger. I just love her children books. All the kids I have read them to have enjoyed them immensely. I bought one of her books last year and she has sent me this one as a surprise gift for my nephew. I'm sure he will enjoy it in many years to come." -Goodreads Review

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