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Writing Services

Other than children's books, I also write various texts, essays, articles, and blogs in Russian and English languages. I am available for hire as a writer - talk to me about your project! My interests are pretty broad and include culture, travel, bilingualism, multiculturalism, education, authenticity, spirituality and more. Contact me at

Here are some examples of my writing:



Музыка без фраков

Интервью с Теодором Курентзисом

газета "Русский мир" (Сиэтл, Вашингтон)

Необузданные ритмы монгольских кочевников

О концерте Намгар

газета "Русский мир" (Сиэтл, Вашингтон)

Корни и побеги родной культуры

О концерте Юлианы и "ПАВЫ"

газета "Русский мир" (Сиэтл, Вашингтон)

In the Writer's Closet

A blog about my personal style, culture, travel, and living life being true to who you are (in English)

Out of the Writer's Closet

A blog about my writing life, children's books, and things related to creative writing (in Russian and English)

Chickenleg House

An old blog about my experience creating the Russian speaking community in the South Puget Sound, raising bilingual children and Russian culture and language for kids (in Russian)

Proofreading & Editing Services

I am a linguist by training and hold a Master's degree in Russian Language and Literature. I have many years of experience working as a proofreader for a leading regional Russian newspaper. If you need an expert in the Russian language who can write, proofread, or edit your text in the Russian language, translate it from Russian to English, or from English to Russian, I am available for hire. For work in English, I collaborate with a native English speaker and professional writer and editor. The same fee structure applies to all assignments. Contact me at

Presentations &More

I would happily visit your classroom with a "Meet the Author" kind of event, and offer my expertise in the Russian language and culture in the form of presentations about Russian fairy tales, Russian children's literature, Russian folk art and more. Contact me at

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